A multi-sensory interactive show

Terra Mutantès

Multimedia, Music Composition, New Media

Discover the pre-history of the Magog river and Sherbrooke's landscape in this amazing multi-sensorial voyage through time, space, snow, smell and interactive creatures you can virtually "touch."

See the Magog River Gorge shake, rattle, roll - and snow! Sherbrooke's Museum of Nature and Science's must-see multimedia show features  a full musical score by Tim Rideout.

About the Music

From 2010 to 2017, "Terra Mutantès" is the museum's permanent exhibit and features a powerful soundtrack by Tim. "They wanted the music to reflect the total immersion of the visual experience: larger-than-life and engulfing, but still intimate and sober when required" he says of his producer's directives regarding the music.

Featured Video

Terra Mutantès (Museum of Nature and Sciences, Sherbrooke)
  • Client: Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science
  • Producer: Patrice Leduc
  • Year: 2010
  • Country: Canada
  • Broadcaster: Musée nature et sciences de Sherbrooke
  • Production co: ID3
  • Composer: Tim Rideout


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